Manage & showcase
NFTS on any support

Media Management

Organise your collections

Easily create collections from any kind of file: images, videos, audio, pdf's & more using a clean and simple user interface to organise all your media elements.

Display Solution

Showcase art on any display

Any computer, smart TV, tablet or display with a modern browser can be used to display art with prado. Customise the rotation lentgh or even schedule the pieces you want to show.

NFT Ready

No crypto wallet required

Add new tokens to your collections by their properties (contract and token id) or just pasting the URL of any supported marketplace in Ethereum, Tezos and Solana.

Team capabilities

Share & collaborate on your collections

Bring all your teammates or collaborators to your collections to easily curate content together. Keep everything in the same place even if your team isn't.

Import data in bulks

Improve your productivity

Using an excel file or our API you can import large amounts of media into your collections. We produce the necessary thumbnails for a quick and effective user experience.

Public API

Unleash integrations & automations

Automate tasks and workflows using our API to improve your internal processes. Our API contains all the necessary methods to build powerful integrations with other systems.

Mobile friendly

Manage everything from your phone

Whether you're in charge of the content of an exhibition or just flexing your collection to your friends, update all your content from your phone at any time.

Website Integration

Leverage content from prado in your site

Organizing content is a tough task, for that reason why we expose all your data through different layers so you can easily integrate your systems with prado.

Remote Control

Change artwork from any device

Update the content of your collections or push new items to a display using your computer, tablet or phone. Handling which artwork is being shown has never been so easy.

  • What makes prado special?

    We love art. Therefore we love NFTs. Since our early beginnings experiencing with digital art, we looked around and tried a few things to show & display art, but the tools we tried simply didn’t cut it. We focused on building a simple, straightforward collection of tools that empowered collectors, artists, galleries and exhibitions to properly manage art without the need to use USB sticks or clumsy workarounds to push art in screens at the highest quality possible.

  • Who uses prado?

    There are many prospective roles using prado, it has been designed primarily to serve as central point of NFT data distribution, so artists, collectors and other organisations like DAO's are currently using prado for different purposes. We recomend taking a look at Customer Stories section for in-depth analysis on use cases of prado.

  • F.A.Q.

    → Are you a marketplace?
    No. We're not a marketplace. We get this question a lot because prado is used to generate beautiful galleries, but no, every time you create a collection in prado you automatically get a lovely, responsive, mobile-friendly, and ultra-fast art gallery.

    → What blockhains do you support?
    We currently support Ethereum, Tezos and Solana, and direct links from the largest marketplaces in those chains: SuperRare, Foundation, KnownOrigin, ArtBlocks, OpenSea, fx(hash), versum, Hic Et Nunc, Teia,, formfunction, exchangeart, sansa, Feral File, minteed, Generative .

    → I manage regular files (non-NFT), can I use prado?
    Yes. We support different sources and NFT's it's just another one. You can upload your files or point to other URL's.

    → I like what I see, can I try prado?
    Absolutely! We offer a free plan so you can play with the app and decide if it suits your needs.

  • Supported Blockchains


prado is currently on private beta access while we finish polishing some details. If you're interested fill you email here and we will notify you when it's ready:

We Culture: if you are a non-profit organisation
drop us a line explaining your project and we will hook you up.